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n. Slang
A sexually attractive person.


(ˈhɒtɪ) or


n, pl -ties
1. US a sexually attractive person
2. a hot-water bottle


(ˈhɒt i)
n. Slang.
a sexually attractive person.


(Austral inf) → Wärmflasche f
(US sl: = sexy person) → total scharfer Typ (inf)
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"She phoned me and just said 'Put the kettle on.' .' I followed her random instructions over the phone and once I'd tasted it too we just said 'That's it, we've got to make this.'" Despite a combined experience within the food industry of 20 years, working with brands such as Cadbury's and Vimto, the launch of Peanut Hottie marked the first time the pair developed a privately owned product.
DAVID crafting alongsi Sources hottie sa had been together f starred on Friday with and NICHOL in a sketch s the sons of DAVID BECKHAM has been crafting his TV appearance alongside Del Boy for years.
They also include vital statistics about the hottie's place of birth, lifespan, and major areas of influence; the inside scoop on peccadilloes, noteworthy liaisons, and long-standing relationships; and an overall heat reading that factors in sex appeal, charisma, accomplishments, and of course, moral virtue.
The early contenders of the role are rumored to be 'Gangster Squad' star Josh Brolin, Hollywood hottie Ryan Gosling and 'Magic Mike' actor Joe Manganiello, among others.
Resident hottie Duncan James reveals his ideal night in is a little more low key - if not smelly.
Summary: Hollywood hottie Gerard Butler has taken his clothes off while chatting to a reporter about his new film Playing for Keeps.
The award for Best British Sports Star went to Daley, who was also named Male Hottie of the Year.
Billed as a comedy about a Punjabi boy who steals his father's car to impress a college hottie, the backdrop is of course a loud, colourful Punjabi wedding.
HUGHESIE'S HOTTIE Beaten Up continued the good run of the Hotties when coming home a 7-2 winner at Newbury last week - though I hope you took some of the 11-2 on offer in the morning!
PRODUCER Sajid Nadiadwala is glad to have roped in hottie Deepika Padukone along with Shahid Kapur -- a casting coup of sorts -- for his film Heer and Ranjha, to be directed by Sabir Khan of Kambakht Ishq fame.
At the end of her junior year at Swan's Lake Country Day School, Gigi Lane expects to be made head hottie of the Hot Spot, the most elite clique in school (with a network of past members who have power that extends beyond school).