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n. Slang
A sexually attractive person.


(ˈhɒtɪ) or


n, pl -ties
1. US a sexually attractive person
2. a hot-water bottle


(ˈhɒt i)
n. Slang.
a sexually attractive person.


(Austral inf) → Wärmflasche f
(US sl: = sexy person) → total scharfer Typ (inf)
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Guests received "Houston says Hotty Toddy" stickers to show their Mississippi pride.
TAYLOR Swift has a rep for writing songs about her exes - including Harry Styles - so we wonder what the 1D hotty will think of her video for single Blank Space where she plays a crazed girl seeking revenge on an ex-lover.
The Smack That hip-hopper took a whack at the Arabic language with Egypt's beloved hotty, Tamer Hosny .
15 seed George nicked the sixth set when Waites's finishing went awry but there was no dramatic comeback and Scotty 2 Hotty regained his composure to seal a 6-1 win in which he hit eight maximums.
The Comedy Lab is a great place to spot some of tomorrow's finest funny men and women, and with upcoming offerings including Mr & Mrs Hotty Hott Hot Show and The Warm Up Guy (with Tom Davis of The Morgana Show), there's a good chance some of these comedy pilots will become series of their own in due course.
But Dame Helen Mirren has got heels with matching platforms on to rival any tottering hotty a third of her age.
THE Brit contingency were there in the form of former Pop Idol DARIUS (DANESH) CAMPBELL and rather tipsy former EastEnders hotty SEAN MAGUIRE.
Kick-Ass (15, 117 mins) Geeky teenager Dave (Aaron Johnson) lives with his father in New York, where he attends high school with his comic-book obsessed pals and lusts over the class hotty.
Aundrea Rosdal's inspiration for the Hotty Hoody came from a scary accident in 1997.
99 per copy plus p&p Hotty Botty Bear Looking for something warm and cosy to snuggle up to, then look no further.
So now the guy who posts a few naughty pictures of some hotty on his blog doesn't have to worry about having a copy of the model's birth certificate in his filing cabinet.
American Robert Angier (X-Men's Hugh Jackman) and Cockney Alfred Borden (the always creepy Christian Bale, best known for his recent Batman) work together, but when Robert's hotty wife Julia (Piper Perabo) drowns in a performance, he blames Alfred.