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Either of two large bustards, Chlamydotis undulata of southwest Asia or C. macqueenii of North Africa and the Canary Islands, having a brown and white body and black and white plumes visible on the head and throat during the courtship display.

[Arabic ḥubārā; akin to Persian ḥōbara.]
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Provincial representatives told the meeting that the number of houbara bustards was fast decreasing due to unaccounted hunting, as well as, degradation of its natural habitat.
Saudi Prince Fahd had has been visits Balochistan between December and January for hunting and spends weeks in hunting houbara bustards in the area.
The Internationally migrated Houbara bustards migrate in thousands from Central Asia to Pakistan every winter.
The migratory birds include houbara bustards, passerines, flamingos, pelicans, cranes and turtle doves.
Hunters may only chase after Houbara bustards and other birds, rabbits and gazelles using falcons and saluki dogs.
In the Arabian peninsula, huge projects have been established to breed houbara bustards in captivity and restock the bird in their natural habitats.
According to data available, about one million birds migrate from Siberia every year, including houbara bustards, cranes, teals, pintails, mallards, geese, spoon bills, waders and pelicans, using the Indus Flyway, also known as the International Migratory Bird Route Number 4, covering a distance of about 4,500 km.
The millennia-old sport remains extremely popular amongst Qatar's elite and new efforts to restock the Qatari desert with Houbara bustards will ensure the sport continues.
KUWAIT, Sept 5 (KUNA) -- The Environment Public Authority released on Monday 100 birds, Houbara Bustards, into the Kuwaiti wilderness as part of a plan to conserve this unique species.
According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Pakistan, there are around 50,000 to 100,000 houbara bustards in the world.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday reserved verdict on review appeals against ban on Houbara bustards hunt.
He had attracted global attention last year when news about his hunting 2,100 houbara bustards in Balochistan's Chagai district appeared in the media.