hound down

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w>hound down

vt sepJagd machen auf (+acc), → niederhetzen (form); criminal alsozur Strecke bringen
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no holding up to an They have a genuine matchwinner in Louis Moult and a supporting cast who'll hound down second balls and use their physicality unashamedly to their best advantage.
Graduates need to get out there, knock on doors, pick up the phone, hound down every agen- cy until they yield.
With remarkable persistency the master code of this myth has affirmed the existence of a free and courageous press that, in spite of human bungling and intimidating opposition, will hound down and publish the truth.
Sources in France minutes later, a legacy of his willingness to hound down defenders trying to clear their lines.
She declared war on time-wasting council committees and vowed to hound down corruption.