house cricket

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house′ crick`et

a common dark brown cricket, Acheta domesticus, that is sometimes an indoor pest.
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Pandinus imperator (Koch) feed on the common house cricket Acheta domesticus (Linnaeus, 1758) and do not use their venom to subdue prey.
Although avian proteins are known allergens, the authors' thorough investigation revealed that in this case the source of the allergen was the house cricket, A.
KARACHI -- Opener Abdul Majeed smashed a brilliant unbeaten 71 as Services won the Educators Renaissance Campus Inter House Cricket Championship beating Unity by 35 runs in the final here at the UBL Sports Complex Ground on Tuesday.
Secretion of corpora cardiaca and corpora aliala and their role in the development of house cricket (Gryllus domesticas L.
We compared fire ant colony growth when fed 1) raw frozen liver, 2) pureed raw liver-agar, and 3) a short-boiled, pureed liver-agar against 4) a standard house cricket diet.
In the last few years, for example, cricket paralysis densovirus, which is harmless to humans and other creatures but fatal to Acheta domesticus, the common brown house cricket, has wreaked havoc on the commercial cricket industry in the U.
Muscat: Blue House were declared the champions of the Boys Indian School Muscat Inter House Cricket held at the Al Amerat ground during the week end.
HOUSE ABOUT THAT Tynemouth Cricket Club house cricket winners Kookaburra (above), runners-up Newberry (top right) and the Spirit of Cricket Award winners (bottom right)
Yr un rydan ni'n gyfarwydd ag o yn y tye, neu o leiaf roeddem ni'n arfer bod yn gyfarwydd ag o pan oedd grt mewn cartrefi, ydi'r Acheta domesticus - house cricket yn Saesneg.
They compared that to how much a female spider eats of a more usual prey, a house cricket.
LIVERPOOL fashion house Cricket is rubbing shoulders with the top shops in the world.

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