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house detective

A detective employed by a retail store, hotel, or other establishment to prevent theft or misconduct by patrons.
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house′ detec`tive

an employee, esp. of a department store or hotel, employed to prevent thefts.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: detective - a private detective employed by a hotel or retail store
private detective, private eye, private investigator, shamus, sherlock, operative, PI - someone who can be employed as a detective to collect information
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Contractors who disagree with this opinion are invited to take the House Detective Challenge: Call the nearest professional home inspector with at least five years of full-time field experience and conduct separate inspections of the same building.
Webster's Third New International Dictionary suggests that the connection comes "from a jocular suggestion of similarity between the duties of a sexton and those of a house detective in a department store." However, there is another possible reason why shamus and detective are linked.
Roles available are: Reece, a businessman age 30 and 70; Jessica, his first wife age 25 and 45; Ruella, his second wife age 45; Julian, his business associate age 45 and 65; Phoebe (Poopay), a sex specialist age 33; and Harold, a house detective age 35 and 55.
The bar was set high from the start with openers House Detective and Coat Hook both showing Regan's more robust leanings while Little Nancy flowed hypnotically.
PEOPLE are being urged to turn house detective to help research and record Berwick's historic buildings.
In the city's conservation unit Steve Corbett insists the Lodge needs a good house detective to confirm its provenance and says he will be delighted to work with English Heritage on the project, with a view to finally getting it listed.
One recent discovery was a 1957 Pyramid paperback--I Was a House Detective, by Dev Collans with Stewart Sterling.
Logic and critical thinking skills are invaluable in solving the puzzle of the 7th floor." This is the introductory statement to one of Absurd Math's most interesting puzzles, Players are required to use problem-solving skills to find out who lives on the floor while dealing with the house detective and learning about flesh-eating bacteria.
Whether a person owns their house, rents it, or lives in an apartment, they can become a house detective and discover the history of the home.
The couple have opened their home to the TV series House Detective and they've discovered that the building was once home to Carol's ancestors.
"House Detective" will follow the home-inspection process, and "A Place to Call Home" investigates the neighborhoods and offerings of various cities around the country.
But she was stopped by a house detective as she left the store.

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