house music

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house music

A style of electronic dance music with a heavy, synthesized bass and drum lines and rapid tempos, originally popularized at parties held in abandoned warehouses.

[After (The Ware)house, nightclub in Chicago where it was first popularized.]

House music



(Music, other) a type of disco music originating in the late 1980s, based on funk, with fragments of other recordings edited in electronically

house′ mu`sic

an up-tempo style of disco music characterized by deep bass rhythms, piano or synthesizer melodies, and soul-music singing.
[1985–90; probably after the Warehouse, a dance club in Chicago]
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"We are so excited to see someone like Paris entering the world of house music as a DJ and a singer," Marc and Allister Blackham of the EC Twins, who have opened for the Black Eyes Peas in the past, told
HOUSE music legend Franois K flew into the region at the weekend after his European tour brought him from Tel Aviv, to Rome and then to ...
AMERICAN house music legend Sandy Rivera is playing in Birmingham this weekend for the first time in four years.
Full of diverse house music, the first disc is a slow burning, richly melodic mix that never constantly shifts around styles.
And they'll be marking the launch of the Discoshed EP - with a night of funky house music and electro grooves at the Style Lounge Bar and Cellar Club, in North Street, Rugby, tomorrow.
##### Skye's kingpin of UK house music is about to release his best track yet - the superb In My Arms which samples Kim Carnes' 80s classic Bette Davis Eyes.
"I was trying to make a soft-rock record," he explains, "but since I don't sound exactly like Roberta Flack, it didn't really come out soft-rock." What emerges is a sort of postmodern cabaret, including twisted lyrical gems such as "I'm Tongue-Tied" and "In an Operetta," the tragic ballads "I Looked All Over Town" and "Infinitely Late at Night," and an unprecedented excursion (for Merritt) into house music, "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend."
Playing in Cardiff for the first time on a classy French double bill are DJ Gregory and Martin Solveig two Djs who have been building reputations for producing some of the finest house music around.
UK:USA The Definitive House Music Mixes (Virgin): When the two men who were at the birth of House Music - Danny Rampling and David Morales - collaborate on an album, you know you're in for something special.
The lively score, compiled by Berna Ceppas, Alexandre Kassin, and Sergio Mekler, blends Mozart and Schubert with disco and house music by the likes of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and The Chemical Brothers; the mix is surprisingly seamless.
As the two continue to define their unique style of electronic house and techno, their own productions, remixes and releases on the likes of Berlin-based Dirt Crew Recordings and local house crew Extended Play will no doubt contribute further to their ascent to to the top of city's house music royalty.
THE dance world was rocked this week when the news came that the Godfather of House music Frankie Knuckles had passed away aged 59.