house of prostitution

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of prostitution - a building where prostitutes are availablehouse of prostitution - a building where prostitutes are available
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
massage parlor - a place where illicit sex is available under the guise of therapeutic massage
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He began to tell of a night when he with two men from Wines- burg went into a house of prostitution at the county seat.
In 'Farmhouse', bouncing off from the peculiar propinquity of her childhood rural retreat and a house of prostitution, she ruminates on the back-to-the-land ethos that animated the hippie movement, and explores some little-known culinary traditions of the Texan heartland, including a"maternity cake" for wedding showers that is shaped like a pregnant woman's swollen belly.
WORCESTER - Two women accused of running a house of prostitution in Oxford under the guise of a therapeutic massage parlor were placed on probation Friday after pleading guilty to solicitation for prostitution charges.
Last September, the deputy governor general of Gilan province, where Rasht is located, said Nadarkhani was not under the death penalty for apostasy but rather for other crimes such as security violations and operating a house of prostitution, crimes that had not been mentioned before then.
The defendants were facing a number of charges in relation to pimping, maintaining a house of prostitution, exploitation, abuse of power, corruption, indecent assault, bribery, money laundering, among others.
During the six-month investigation, police discovered the Goddess Temple was operating another alleged house of prostitution in Sedona, Ariz.
Such acts have stirred up public and State concern, especially the incident involving a Christian citizen who had his ear cut off by a Salafi group who accused him of running a house of prostitution.
Code and prohibit engaging in or soliciting prostitution, pandering, inducing or compelling a person to engage in prostitution, receiving money or other valuable things for arranging prostitution, operating a house of prostitution, and more.
The small home, located between Prince and Spring streets and built around 1899, was reputed to have once been a house of prostitution owned by a madam named Cinderella Marshall, according to the property listing.
My grandmother ran a house of prostitution, and my mother worked there.
Operator of a house of prostitution, she testified that she made regular payments to police captains and other officers and that her establishment was raided only when she fell behind on payments.
on suspicion of conspiracy to commit prostitution and keeping a house of prostitution.