house painter

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or house painter  (hous′pān′tər)
One whose occupation is painting houses.
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painter - a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint
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Behold here a train of house painters, all afflicted with a peculiar sort of colic.
A house painter by profession, Adel Al Hellani, from Zgharta in northern Lebanon, was asked by his landlord in June 2019 to vacate the house after failing to pay rent for a year and a half.
George was married to the daughter of a well-known local house painter whose name escapes me at this time.
He began working outside the home at age nine, became an accomplished house painter at twelve, and eventually moved beyond Coeymans to pursue an education at Howard University and later at Columbia University School of Law.
Melhem, an interior designer in Syria, now lives in a tent in Arsal and works as a house painter. "I own a 300-square-meter house in Damascus, but the authorities demolished it and acquired the land.
Police reports revealed that a fight erupted between the husband, who worked as a house painter, and the defendant, a jobless man, 39-year-old, after the latter harassed his wife.
John Renie was a house painter who lived in Monmouthshire during the early 1800s.
Eagle house painter Chris Berry is recognized all the time in Home Depot.
A house painter was killed by a lone gunman in Quezon City on Wednesday.
A Stirling house painter and 36-yearold father-of-six appeared before a military tribunal to appeal against call-up.
Following this, he said the police nabbed a house painter and a labourer, several hours later in Jalan Kampung Banggol Air Lilih here.
Arellano, who was employed as a house painter in Malanday at the time of his arrest, remained in detention on Monday.