house sitter

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: sitter - a custodian who lives in and cares for a house while the regular occupant is away (usually without an exchange of money)
custodian, keeper, steward - one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
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But before he leaves, he appears to notice the video camera, which was set up by a house sitter to watch the homeowners' cats while the homeowners were away, police said.
This abbreviated and somewhat cryptic message from my house sitter was not really the one I was hoping to receive while making my slow way around the Aegean coast last month.
A trusted house sitter, or someone that can at least check on your home from time to time, is always a great idea.
Typically, a house sitter takes care of the house when the owners leave for a vacation, in exchange for staying at the property.
A final option would be to organise a house sitter.
In the 13th novel from the Sunday Times bestselling writer, we're introduced to chef and house sitter Holly Brown.
com now enables you to find a house sitter for little or no cost.
Responding to an advert wanting a house sitter in Saltburn, she packs up her little car with the bare essentials and her 18-month-old daughter Emmeline and heads up north.
A HOUSE sitter, jailed for three years after the plants he had been told to water turned out to be a cannabis factory, has had his sentence reduced.
A CHILD-SHAPED humanoid robot that can recognise 10,000 words and work as a house sitter will go on sale in Japan next month.
Ask a trusted friend to stop by at different times if possible or to be a house sitter.
Increasingly soggy valentine to Los Angeles from a wild and crazy guy who extinguished his spark in the caring-sharing '90s with mushy trifles like this, My Blue Heaven, the Father of the Bride remakes and House Sitter.