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She is house-trained, her vaccinations are up to date and she has been spayed.
Why does my house-trained 13-month-old Cocker Spaniel keep peeing everywhere?
Barney is house-trained and does get along with quieter dogs, but as he is older he would prefer to be the only dog in the house.
She is not fully house-trained if left for long periods but she is well behaved in the house.
Max the Siberian husky was reunited with Victoria DeCosemo and her three children after the man who picked him up in the street rang police and asked them to take the pet away because it was not house-trained and had caused a stink.
Another perk to adopting Woodley was that she's "house-trained," just like his cocker spaniel Einstein.
Norm is about 5 years old, perfectly house-trained, and a wonderful companion for adults or teenagers.
I will have house-trained the puppy beforehand so there won't be any accidents in the Aras."
He has lived in a home previously, is house-trained and can be left for periods during the day.
Two are house-trained - but Daisy is causing Wayne, 20, real trouble at their new pounds 3million Cheshire mansion.
TO TB, to teach house-trained cats to use only their litter trays is like trying to help narrow-minded people understand Mother Nature.
Just ask Smokey, Suzy and Eddy, the house-trained pets of Jack and Thelma Turner.