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My houseboys asked me what I was doing; when I told them I was trying to write a book, they looked upon it as a last attempt to save the farm through the hard times, and took an interest in it.
Liberia -- from the elite doyennes who spend their days sending houseboys to the market to fetch oranges for them, all the way to the young boys on Tubman Boulevard who run up to cars hawking plastic bags of ice -- used to be a tactile place.
Houseboys, teaboys, messengers, drivers, onsite laborers all nod away the sanity of their bosses with maddening regularity.
During Liberace's lifetime, his management took enormous pains, lawsuits included, to hide his true sexual orientation, strong libido, and string of proteges, houseboys, and flights of fancy, and the film uncovers much of it.
The draft law for household workers, including maids, drivers, houseboys and nannies has been put forward by the Federal National Council to the UAE Cabinet for approval.
As the gay Asian writer Eric Wat puts it, those of us who are gay Asian men are caricatured as either submissive houseboys or corrupt perverts.
In the 21st century there is something not quite right for a vast proportion of the people here to employ low-paid cooks, houseboys and maids.
According to the embassy, unskilled workers in the UAE such as labourers, cleaners, messengers, helpers, waiters, houseboys, cooks and so on currently receive 600 to 650 dirhams monthly on average.
In this context, we might want to treat the maids and houseboys with a little more respect.
Their inhabitants are damaged whites (like Raymond in A Bend in the River (1979), some black houseboys, intellectuals; either African, American, or West Indian, with ambitions to higher civil positions.
As many as 10% of the parents have sent (or can send) their children to work as housemaids or houseboys.