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1. The cleaning and tidying of a house and its contents.
2. Informal Removal of unwanted personnel, methods, or policies in an effort at reform or improvement.

house′clean′ v.
house′clean′er n.
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n limpiador -ra mf (de casas), doméstico -ca mf
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We asked an organizer, designer, housecleaner, builder and plumber what tools we should add to our kits to level up to the pros.
Netanyahu herself still also faces a lawsuit by a former housecleaner. The woman, Shira Raban, worked at the prime minister's residence for a month in 2017 and said that Ms.
It was stolen from me by a maid, someone I thought was the most faithful housecleaner in my life.
She depended on food stamps, childcare assistance, part-time work as a housecleaner and occasional charity from friends.
Dubai A manager has been jailed for three months for hugging and groping a housecleaner whom he had hired on an hourly basis to tidy his flat.
That by a strange twist of laws her mom and dad, a housecleaner and landscaper, are considered criminals.
I worked in retail in high school, as a housecleaner, hostess/waitress at a restaurant, and at a daycare while in college.
It tasted weird, a little bit like a housecleaner thing" - Tennis star Serena Williams (pictured), who was sick after sampling some gourmet dog food for her pet.
Without a cedula, the only kind of job she could get was as an under-the-table part-time housecleaner.
Speaking in Rajasthan on Thursday, Kamat had allegedly referred to Irani as a "poncha lagane waali " ( housecleaner) while questioning the minister's credentials to hold the charge of the HRD portfolio.
Catherine's occasional work as a housecleaner in the MacDougall home, where "everything is so shiny" because it is "upwind from the pit" (Lill 24), underlines the role cleanliness symbolically plays in their differential status, as do the many toilet allusions throughout the play and film.
It helps if you're a mom living on the Upper East Side who has a babysitter, a housecleaner, and a husband who's a private equities trader--facts Rubin carefully dances around in her books.