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A woman's garment, usually long and loose, used for informal wear at home.


(ˈhaʊsˌkəʊt) or


(Clothing & Fashion) a woman's loose robelike informal garment



a woman's robe or dresslike garment for casual wear about the house.
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Noun1.housecoat - a loose dressing gown for womenhousecoat - a loose dressing gown for women  
brunch coat - a woman's short housecoat or wrapper
camisole - a short negligee
woman's clothing - clothing that is designed for women to wear


[ˈhaʊskəʊt] Nbata f


[ˈhaʊskəʊt] npeignoir mhouse guest ninvité(e) m/f


[ˈhaʊsˌkəʊt] nvestaglia
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50 Mm Diet Trolley - Stainless Steel (Godrejmethodex), Doctor%S Overcoat Baby Blanket Hospital Worker Overcoat PatientS Housecoat For Female Waste Disposal Twin Bucket For Hypochlorite Solutioiv%Bleach Waste Disposal Colour Coded Polybags For 80 Ltr, 60 Ltr & 30 Ltr Bucket (Black.
Apparently, California law prohibits a woman from driving a car while dressed in a housecoat.
Nov 22-Dec 20 SAGITTARIUS THE weather outside is frightful, but while the fire seems so delightful, don't stand too near to it in your 1970s nylon housecoat.
You drop paper money into the bucket, because you are a human being who understands the torment of other human beings, and the choices that have led a person to stand in a small room in Edinburgh dressed in curlers and a housecoat, pretending to be their own grandmother.
In his first scene, dressed in boxers, sleeveless undershirt and unflattering housecoat, he was every bit the self-regarding boor, chomping on plates of food and gluttonously guzzling wine.
He loves cosying up on me when I have my housecoat on.
Should I need a housecoat, a sturdy cotton nightie or some Velcro-fastening slippers, I'll be back like a bullet.
Finally, we could find no evidence of a law forbidding women from driving while wearing a housecoat.
At a function to promote British industry in the afternoon, William looked slightly sheepish in a bright red "happi", a traditional Japanese housecoat, as he joined a Japanese astronaut to swing a wooden hammer and crack open a barrel of sake.
Then again this woman is so strikingly beautiful she could probably look good in a housecoat and rollers.
In the early years of her career, Phyllis performed in a housecoat.