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Noun1.housecraft - skill in domestic management
craftsmanship, workmanship, craft - skill in an occupation or trade
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Irene Johnson (nee Bolland) came from nearby Earnest Street and recalled learning some of the principles of what today might be termed housecraft there.
112) (30) and the report of the Phelps-Stokes Commission, (31) which 'found against the classics at every level' and 'came down firmly on the side of agriculture, hygiene, sanitation, carpentry and housecraft, and moral education' (p.
Housecraft and Statecraft: Domestic Service in Renaissance Venice, 1400-1600.
The original buildings housed 11 classrooms, a hall, library and four practical rooms (woodwork, housecraft, science and art).
In future, all senior girls will do a practical course in housecraft and will learn everything from scrubbing a floor to planning, cooking and serving a formal dinner.