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Noun1.housedog - a dog trained to guard a house
guard dog, watchdog - a dog trained to guard property
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He brought with him several slices of meat in order to pacify the Housedog, so that he would not alarm his master by barking.
The Leap-frog said nothing; but people gave it as their opinion, that he therefore thought the more; and when the housedog snuffed at him with his nose, he confessed the Leap-frog was of good family.
Since then, Mertens has been at the forefront of field-bred goldens, and when someone wants a great housedog, a great hunter--or both--they they go to her.
The Spartan king Kleomenes II overhears a fable of Lycurgus taking two wellbred Lakonian puppies and raising one to be a fine hunter, the other a lazy housedog (moral: 'Blood alone is not enough' [2.
The romance is just the burglar's meat that keeps the housedog of the mind distracted so the movie can do its job without the viewer's conscious opposition (in the same way the content of violence in the movie Inception is merely formal whereas the form of the movie is the real substance).
You need a relationship with them the same as you would your housedog," she said.