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A simple washable dress worn for housework.



a relatively simple and inexpensive dress suitable for housework.
[1895–1900, Amer.]


[ˈhaʊsdres] Nvestido m de casa, vestido m sencillo
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My blue housedress looks so well, turned and freshly trimmed, that I feel as if I'd got a new one.
I stood in my red and blue housedress, thinking how blessed and grateful I was for having a Dad that I could depend on, whose love for us was unconditional and boundless.
Next, dried and dressed in her favorite pastel housedress, Cynthia follows a yellow bird, flown free from an M.
She wore a purple housedress and white sandals with a small heel that seemed to reflect an effort to dress up a bit.
Stepping into the housedress and scuffies (flats) previously worn by Devine, Michael Ball and | Claire Sweeney in Hairspray at Venue Cymru even John Travolta Matt Rixon's Edna is perhaps less brash than them but offered perfect comic timing with Peter Duncan as diminutive husband Wilbur.
Some of the other sources of fabrics include a nubbly, old-ladyish cotton housedress (that smelled like perspiration when I ironed it), curtains with a zany, architectural theme, $22 a yard peacock blue gauzy Indian cotton with metallic gold thread woven into it, rayon pajamas that I bought used long ago (and frequently wore myself) depicting stereotypical 'Chinamen' carrying parasols in a mountainous landscape, several coarsely-woven Guatemalan cottons in deep reds (I cut up one of my own skirts, worn daily on a trip ten years ago when I walked all over Manhattan), a lightweight red brocade with a pattern of roses.
Doubtless there was liberal foot shuffling and nervous laughter while they hovered over the fragrant steam billowing from their mugs, since Jocelyn, fed up with her husband's puerile antics and otiose ways, and self-conscious of her grubby living room and old housedress, somewhat fancied the sheriff as well.
She was watching intently as Caroline Strange, cast as Cinderella in PlayMakers Repertory Company's December 2014 production of Into the Woods, stood with arms outstretched in a bulky muslin mock-up of a 1950s-era housedress.
She was wearing a housedress and had scabs on her legs," Murray recalls.
The set here on Stage 9 at Sony Pictures Studios was a near-perfect duplicate of a suburban American home of the 1950s, with a vintage refrigerator in the kitchen and a stone fireplace in the living room, where a wife clad in a coat and housedress put down her bag of groceries and placed her arms around her hardworking husband at the end of a long day.
door-knocker earrings & tired blue housedress be harnessed
A group funded by restaurants began running ads in New York branding Bloomberg - shown in a housedress and scarf - as "the nanny".