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A man employed as a houseparent.
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(Social Welfare) a man in charge of the welfare of a particular group of children in an institution such as a children's home or approved school
ˈhouseˌmother fem n
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(ˈhaʊsˌfɑ ðər)

a man who supervises a group of young people, living in a dormitory, hostel, etc.
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Noun1.housefather - a man in charge of children in an institution
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
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[ˈhaʊsˌfɑːðəʳ] nresponsabile m di gruppo (in un collegio)
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In August Liberal MP Anthony Housefather boasted in a Canadian Jewish News article:
Anthony Housefather, chair of the parliamentary justice committee, has suggested that "what Canadians should be most concerned about is clarifying this for the future.
He stayed with 17 other lads, overseen by a 'housefather'.
Matthias' Church in Westmount, Que., held a free forum on human trafficking and slavery with Anthony Housefather, Liberal MP and chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, giving the keynote address.
Anthony Housefather, the Liberal MP for Mount-Royal, said he came to the rally because the proposed law would deny the rights of some of the citizens he represents.
Izikowitz Features Upper Rmet Lower Rmet Settlement More densely populated Less densely populated patterns Territorial borders No territorial borders Linear disposition Circular shape (tendency) Smaller households Bigger households Barns near the village Barns near the fields Hardly sleep in the fields Often sleep in the fields More zebu cows than More buffaloes than zebu buffaloes cows Social Class' distinctions Few social distinctions organisation Priest and big men (lem) Priest only Bigger work groups Smaller work groups Bride price higher Bride price lower Less strict on religion Strict on religious taboos Mixed with Khmu Further from Khmu villages Property belongs Property belongs to to housefather lineage elder Many migrations to Siam Few migrations to Siam Source: Karl G.
The will be drafted specified that in each generation the entire Haus Weinsberg should be entailed intact on one "housefather." Moreover, each Weinsberg "housefather" would be required to read the massive documentation that Hermann had provided and be guided by the experience and wisdom his writings enshrined.
McGrath, the housefather of Kincora, was dubbed "The Beast" by detectives.
Will he, though, turn a blind eye to the fact that Housefather Brathen (Joner) takes boys into the laundry and not to do any washing?
A FORMER children's home housefather is set to have his abuse conviction quashed after a blunder by a jury.