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A girl or woman employed to do housework.
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He arrived at 9am and found his children with the housegirl. He tried to reach Jane on the phone, but she did not return the call.
We have to give it instructions and supervise it to do a good job.NATIONAL INSTITUTIONSWould you, in your own house, allow the housegirl to change the baby on the dining table and leave the used diaper there just because she is from your tribe?
Adjoa Andoh performs much of Housegirl (Macmillan Audio, 10 hours), Michael Donkor's accomplished, affecting debut novel, in sparkling Ghanaian English, immersing listeners in the world of Ghana and the Ghanaian diaspora.
Aboriginal women reflected on the 'housegirl' system which operated on the missions and its effect on their lives.
Komicho-san, my housegirl, appeared to mop the place out.
we never loved each other." (12) Although William had claimed to be happy with this arrangement, in 1848 he began an affair with Ripeka, Elizabeth's housegirl. Elizabeth did not discover this affair until mid-1851, when Ripeka had a baby son, Wi, by William.
Instead she got on as a housegirl in Avondale, and she got more nervous and thinner all the time ..." (Lowry, Hutton Street 13)
flaming on the uncut lawn, or your housegirl's husband
Thus, when Ruge left Yandera the second time to work as a cook for an Australian living in Goroka, he convinced Elizabeth to run away with him and to hire on in the same house as housegirl. Ruge and Elizabeth stayed in Goroka for seven years.
'I've since gone on to produce 20 other films notably Kokomma, Falling, Desperate Housegirls, Lost in London, Back Up Wife etc.
Lagos could do this to a woman married to a young and wealthy man; he knew how easy it was to slip into paranoia about housegirls, about secretaries, about Lagos girls, those sophisticated monsters of glamour who swallowed husbands whole...
Children as young as 7 years have been sent out to work as housegirls. (19)