household effects

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house′hold effects′
privately owned goods consisting chiefly of furniture, appliances, etc., for keeping house. Also called house′hold goods′.
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When the melancholy maiden took her seat on the point of the rock as mentioned, Paul affected to employ himself in conducting a close inspection of the household effects of the squatter.
These consumption categories include food and drinks, clothing and footwear, fuel and lighting, housing, transport and communications, household effects, personal effects, health care, education, entertainment, durables and miscellaneous items.
When importing household items such as furniture you must apply for exemption from the payment of duty as follows: Complete the Customs clearance of household effects form (Form 18.44), on which you can list the goods to be imported duty free.
[] is a measure of household assets at the end of the insurance period (lead variable); [] denotes the insurance status; [Z.sub.i] is a vector of time-invariant household characteristics (like ethnicity and gender of the household head) and [] is a vector of time-varying observed characteristics (like household size); [Y.sub.t] denotes year dummies that capture time shocks; [u.sub.i] represents the unobserved household effects; and [[epsilon]] captures the random shock.
* Francesco Giavazzi, and Michael McMahon, University of Warwick, "The Household Effects of Government Spending"
We're no strangers to the city, as our first born became a student there two years ago and we've made many trips up and down the A64 with car loads of cooking utensils, bedding and assorted household effects. We've enjoyed several lunches in the city centre and the occasional foray into The Minster, all the time promising ourselves that one day soon we'll return and have a really good look at the place.
"We have a fleet of professional removal trucks designed to deliver clients' household effects and for transporting their high value goods," Dimitrov says.
Relief from import duties is granted for: personal property belonging to natural persons transferring their normal place of residence from a non-EU country to the Community; goods imported on the occasion of a marriage; personal property acquired by inheritance; school outfits, educational materials and related household effects; consignments of goods whose intrinsic value does not exceed 150 dispatched direct from a non-EU country to a consignee in the Community; and consignments sent by one private individual to another (the relief applies to a value of 45 per consignment).
* Attempts to estimate household effects (or other fine-grained analyses) are fraught with numerous difficulties that reflect more on the philosophies and assumptions of the cases reviewed than on any credible future effect.
At your survey, remember to show all the removal companies exactly the same household effects. Remember the loft, the garage and the garden shed.
The same sale also offers rare catalogue from a Newcastle auction in 1884 of Isabella's household effects, including a collection of her father's books and engravings.
It didn't hurt that one of his first acts was to sell off the cardinal's mansion and to give away much of the furniture and household effects to church workers.

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