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They have been househunting in LA so they have their own place when Michelle visits.
Cheryl, 34, is thought to be househunting after deciding to move out of Liam's Surrey mansion when he did not return for weeks - and did not go home with her after the recent Brit Awards.
And after a whistle-stop househunting trip, he smiled: "I am very excited about this move.
Jurgen Klopp kicked off his first Liverpool pre-match Press conference with a moan about paparazzi snapping him househunting.
A trial for buyer and seller Both can end up caught; Househunting is, I'm afraid, A cruel, unpleasant sport.
It's weird, it's not right" Rock star Brandon Flowers of The Killers "Apps are great, but that is not househunting.
To simplify the process and take the stress out of househunting, the Lamudi.
Now he is househunting in London with his mother, who still plaits his trademark hair, his stepsister Maria Angel, seven, and his glamourous Italian girlfriend Melissa Botero.
For Manese, the most fulfilling part of the job would be learning more about the family she would be househunting with.
JACK Buckley, 23, lived in Bridgend but is househunting in Cardiff Bay He moved to Cardiff to go to university and lived on St Mary Street.
WE'VE been in the house since July 2009 and I remember I was househunting with my eldest son Guto when he was a baby.
The news came a month after the pair was seen househunting in Miami ahead of the 31-year-old beauty's work on 'Kim and Kourtney Take Miami'.