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 (hou′zəl) Archaic
The Eucharist.
tr.v. hou·seled, hou·sel·ing, hou·sels
To administer the Eucharist to.

[Middle English, from Old English hūsel, sacrifice, Eucharist; see kwen- in Indo-European roots.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) a medieval name for Eucharist
vb, -sels, -selling or -selled, -sels, -seling or -seled
(Ecclesiastical Terms) (tr) to give the Eucharist to (someone)
[Old English hūsl; related to Gothic hunsl sacrifice, Old Norse hūsl]


(ˈhaʊ zəl)

n., v. -seled, -sel•ing (esp. Brit.) -selled, -sel•ling. Archaic. n.
1. the Eucharist.
2. to administer the Eucharist to.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English hūsl the Eucharist]


Past participle: houselled
Gerund: houselling

I housel
you housel
he/she/it housels
we housel
you housel
they housel
I houselled
you houselled
he/she/it houselled
we houselled
you houselled
they houselled
Present Continuous
I am houselling
you are houselling
he/she/it is houselling
we are houselling
you are houselling
they are houselling
Present Perfect
I have houselled
you have houselled
he/she/it has houselled
we have houselled
you have houselled
they have houselled
Past Continuous
I was houselling
you were houselling
he/she/it was houselling
we were houselling
you were houselling
they were houselling
Past Perfect
I had houselled
you had houselled
he/she/it had houselled
we had houselled
you had houselled
they had houselled
I will housel
you will housel
he/she/it will housel
we will housel
you will housel
they will housel
Future Perfect
I will have houselled
you will have houselled
he/she/it will have houselled
we will have houselled
you will have houselled
they will have houselled
Future Continuous
I will be houselling
you will be houselling
he/she/it will be houselling
we will be houselling
you will be houselling
they will be houselling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been houselling
you have been houselling
he/she/it has been houselling
we have been houselling
you have been houselling
they have been houselling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been houselling
you will have been houselling
he/she/it will have been houselling
we will have been houselling
you will have been houselling
they will have been houselling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been houselling
you had been houselling
he/she/it had been houselling
we had been houselling
you had been houselling
they had been houselling
I would housel
you would housel
he/she/it would housel
we would housel
you would housel
they would housel
Past Conditional
I would have houselled
you would have houselled
he/she/it would have houselled
we would have houselled
you would have houselled
they would have houselled
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