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or house lights  (hous′līts′)
The lights that illuminate the audience section of a concert hall, theater, or auditorium.
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Noun1.houselights - lights that illuminate the audience's part of a theater or other auditorium
light source, light - any device serving as a source of illumination; "he stopped the car and turned off the lights"
theater light - any of various lights used in a theater
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
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The houselights would come up and it was over, and I had to quickly struggle to wipe away my tears before I got up and went into the street.
Here and there in the brushy slope of the ridgeline a few houselights blinked on like the eyes of night creatures watching her there in her stillness.
the houselights abruptly dimmed, and the stage lights came on.
7:30 All screens off and soon start winding down for bed, turning down the houselights, stretch, read, and hang out with your loved ones.
After sunset is finally complete and the houselights come back on, I see that most of the audience is changed, as well.
15pm - Despicable Me 2 2-D (U/PG-tbc) at normal prices All screenings are played with the houselights on mid level.
The houselights are dimmed, candles are lit and the audience brings their centering breath and 'lyrics' of their own silent song, to set intention for the dark season, while a stream of wordless guitar surges forth with no interruption between musical pieces," a news release says.
The houselights are up and it's a race to get to your coats.
With such repairmen at work, of course, the stage lights were bound to remain off, but the houselights came part way up for the fairies' dance.
Silence falls upon the audience as the houselights dim.
The lights go out, birds begin to tweet, and the houselights slowly brighten.
As the houselights dimmed for a brief preset, an eerie soundscape composed by Adam Cork played as Jude Law sat behind a dark gauze that filled the proscenium.