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A woman teacher or professor in charge of a residence hall at a school or college.
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It continued that (on Wednesday), Augustina's mother called the Housemistress in the evening of that same day to report that her daughter had not arrived home.
Housemistress Ann Patching also said that Middleton managed to get involved in school life and loved sports and music.
'I also remember being in charge of decorating the Christmas tree in our boarding house not because our housemistress wanted me to stray away from my Muslim faith but because she considered me as one of the more artistic and creative girls under her care.
Each pupil is allocated to a house and our pastoral care provides meaningful support so that every child has professional adult support from their Housemaster or Housemistress as well as a personal tutor.
Each boarding house will be run by a housemaster or housemistress, supported by the school's pastoral team.
A live-in housemaster or housemistress is in charge of each house.
After spells as housemistress at Canford School, Dorset, and then as senior mistress at Dean Close School, Cheltenham, Mrs Taylor took up the post of headmistress at Christ College Brecon in 2007.
Rachel Faulkner-Walford, boarding housemistress at the school has been leading the project with around 30 children.
Rachel Faulkner-Walford, boarding housemistress at The Chorister School has been leading the project with around 30 children.
A HOUSEMISTRESS at a top Warwickshire public school tried to call a doctor three times when a pupil was struck down with a deadly bug but was told he was "simply too busy" to help, an inquest was told.
I hope you'll eventually interview hot mess Danielle and housemistress Kim.