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A woman employed as a houseparent.
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(ˈhaʊsˌmʌð ər)

a woman who supervises a group of young people living in a dormitory, hostel, etc.
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Noun1.housemother - a woman employed as a chaperon in a residence for young people
chaperon, chaperone - one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people
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[ˈhaʊsˌmʌðəʳ] nresponsabile f di gruppo (in un collegio)
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"If you are going to marry a minister," said Aunt Jamesina, picking up Joseph and her knitting and resigning herself to the inevitable with the charming grace that made her the queen of housemothers, "you will have to give up such expressions as `dig in.'"
Sue Keller, who has resigned as housemother of the Receiving Home here, left this morning for Danville, Kentucky, where she will visit friends and relatives.
'I've become like the housemother because the kids need someone who will show up when there's a PTA meeting, someone to have dinner with, to tutor them.
(Reuters) - Charlotte Rae, the actress, singer and comedienne who won acclaim on Broadway and was best known for her starring role as a girls boarding school housemother on U.S.
The 1980s TV series revolved around how a woman, played by Charlotte Rae, becomes a housemother at a boarding school in New York to a group of girls.
A 71-year-old housemother Mavlyuda Nasriddinova was sentenced to 12 years in prison, her 47-year-old son to 17 years.
"Half Way" is the story of twelve women trying to survive living together, all which have various degrees of afflictions and personalities that drive the housemother all-the-way-crazy.
The psychic former sorority housemother warns Hanna that a "threat" to her is close.
The housemother would say, "you should not be gone longer than an hour to the pharmacy.
Ashe met Daly, who worked as a housemother (according to Dominican Sr.
Mrs Ashley, who was a housemother at the school, said in a statement: "He also had a hi-tech BB gun; he filmed himself skinning live cats and trapped and pounded to death large birds [at the school]."
Sanjay provided access to housemother, however, and was reputed to have considerable influence over her.