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A woman employed as a houseparent.


(ˈhaʊsˌmʌð ər)

a woman who supervises a group of young people living in a dormitory, hostel, etc.
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Noun1.housemother - a woman employed as a chaperon in a residence for young people
chaperon, chaperone - one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people


[ˈhaʊsˌmʌðəʳ] nresponsabile f di gruppo (in un collegio)
References in classic literature ?
If you are going to marry a minister," said Aunt Jamesina, picking up Joseph and her knitting and resigning herself to the inevitable with the charming grace that made her the queen of housemothers, "you will have to give up such expressions as `dig in.
Ashe met Daly, who worked as a housemother (according to Dominican Sr.
Mrs Ashley, who was a housemother at the school, said in a statement: "He also had a hi-tech BB gun; he filmed himself skinning live cats and trapped and pounded to death large birds [at the school].
Nine years later, it emerged that he had a sexual relationship with his housemother shortly before his release.
Fell was the housemother at Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for 30 years before retiring in 1997.
When her housemother at the halfway house agrees to babysit, and advises her to "git you some dinner before you run out of here," Precious replies, "I was gonna take my journal book and write on the bus, 'stedda taking the train," again skipping a meal (137).
Also, Naismith's second wife, Florence Kincaid Naismith - who became a widow six months after they married in 1939 - was housemother of Oregon State's Delta Delta Delta sorority in the 1940s.
Morag Jordan, originally from Dundee, was employed as a housemother between 1970 and 1984.
Mrs Jordan, originally from Dundee, was employed by the care home as a housemother between 1970 and 1984.
Set in a sorority house with Despina as the housemother, two adolescent girls, their hockey-jock boyfriends and a manipulative hockey coach named Don all fuelled great intrigue and a lot of laughs.
Only Pipes and Carrie FisherAuyes, Carrie FisherAuas the Theta PiAAEs canny housemother, have anything resembling defined roles.
And when you have such a ridiculous number of good-looking teens and a smart turn by legendary Star Wars goddess Carrie Fisher as the shotguntoting sorority housemother, you end up with a tasty blend of horror and humour.