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Noun1.housepaint - paint used to cover the exterior woodwork of a househousepaint - paint used to cover the exterior woodwork of a house
paint, pigment - a substance used as a coating to protect or decorate a surface (especially a mixture of pigment suspended in a liquid); dries to form a hard coating; "artists use `paint' and `pigment' interchangeably"
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Speechless at tire switch from housepaint blue to housepaint white, rafters snowblinded among snow garlands, each shocked as speed occurs to each, the disappearance and return of demolition.
1 put your foot in finewmk: do flowers with a housepaint brush:
A provocative installation at the ROM, Housepaint, Phase 2: Shelter examines questions of poverty and homelessness through the lens of 12 leading outdoor artists.
Ten framed canvas "houses" vie for one's attention at Housepaint, Phase 2: Shelter, the country's first major exhibition on street art that runs until July 5.
While the solventborne 2-PK epoxy primer (H) sample's very low reading and the housepaint's (G) very high reading were expected, the closeness of the latex and alkyd samples was a bit surprising.
Home visits to nine families revealed that they had been placed in multiunit rental properties constructed before 1978, when housepaint routinely contained high lead levels.
These crunchy suburbanites, Brooks alleges, "subtly compete to prove they have the worst lawn in the neighborhood, just to show how fervently they reject soul-destroying standards of conventional success." They don't paint their houses enough because they regard "exterior housepaint in the stone way they regard makeup, as something that was probably developed using animal testing." In these places, "the chief dilemma is whether to send the kids to Antioch or Hampshire College." And so forth.
So here's a suggestion: rip down those flags and take a trip to B&Q for a tin of exterior housepaint. Then you, too, could be sitting on an investment instead of just an eyesore.
She uses large brushes - almost housepaint brushes, she reveals - or some so small that they contain little more than three hairs.
Although he was personally involved in the construction of his pieces, this physical and, one senses, meaningful investment is abrogated by the anonymity of the seamless surfaces and black eggshell housepaint. In the distillation of his self-admitted romanticism, Bladen forsook shabby pleasures--for example, Coltrane (1970), an "unfinished" model and the most satisfying piece in the show--for the dictates of absolute form.
Jonathan Lasker, for instance, was also included, as was Hume's friend and contemporary Fiona Rae.) Mary Heilmann's abstracted landscapes in high-gloss housepaint colors suggest another strong affinity.