intr.v. house·sat (-săt′), house·sit·ting, house·sits
To act as a housesitter.
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or house′-sit`,

v.i. -sat, -sit•ting.
to take care of a residence while the regular occupant is away, esp. by living in it.
[1975–80; modeled on baby -sit]
house′ sit`ter, house′-sit`ter, n.
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They suggest considering the responsibilities of each housesit beforehand and how it might affect your stay.
"If you have a weeklong housesit in Hawaii that included caring for a dog that needed to go out in the morning, afternoon and evening, you wouldn't be able to go explore the island all day long," Nik Rowell says.
Richard Sheehan, 33, was asked to housesit for his friend and her partner at their address in Hilary Road, Walton, but pawned their TV, Playstation and 25 games to fund his addiction to roulette machines.
In Ruth's present state of mind that translates into nothing more than a promising housesit in Queens for an absent acquaintance who uttered "the magic word--Stay." While defining the fine points that distinguish house-sitting from subletting from bonafide tenants, Ruth airily notes that "both involve reading all their books and copying their CDs."
Key misunderstanding happens when Lisa asks Tom to come to her house that night--which he reads as a date, and which she means favor to housesit while she's at a party and dad is away on business.
DON'T let Florence Welch housesit for you - ever The singer, "25", downed 17 "dirty Martini" cocktails then accidentally set fire to her hotel suite while staying at The Bowery in New York.
A chance to housesit FROM NOTTING HILL WITH LOVE...
On the verge of tying the knot to Dave, Scarlett gets the chance to housesit a posh pad in Notting Hill - yes, the setting of one of her all-time favourite films.
In this witty first-person narrative, senior Amy Goodnight housesits at her aunt's ranch where a ghost and an annoying but handsome neighbor pull her into a mystery involving past--and maybe presentday--crimes.
He housesits for his brother in LA, looking after the family's Alsatian dog while they holiday in Vietnam.