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The night passed off without any disturbance; but there was no likelihood that a war party of Blackfeet, once on the track of a camp where there was a chance for spoils, would fail to hover round it.
On the other hand Paul Hover, who had been literally a conquered man, manifested the strongest repugnance to submit to the violent liberties that were taken with his person and property.
So strong, indeed, and so very natural was the inclination, that she would most probably have put it in execution, but for the often repeated though whispered remonstrances of Paul Hover.
Like dragon-flies the hansoms hover With jewelled eyes to catch the lover;"
Desecrated as the body is, a vengeful ghost survives and hovers over it to scare.
A, having outnumbered and overwhelmed B, hovers, a thousand airships strong, over his capital, threatening to bombard it unless B submits.
By eliminating the time- consuming and often arduous process of taking measurements by hand, the GAF e360 mobile app powered by HOVER has changed the way roofing contractors do business.
All you need are some balloons, a towel, and something to hover.
A flying drone called Hover Camera does 4k video and 13 megapixels of snapshot-taking goodness, ready to record high quality video or snap that perfect selfie from as far as one likes.
This challenge is to hover for 24 hours, while still demonstrating other helicopter key attributes, as well as new levels of efficiency and reliability.
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service issued the warning after attending a serious fire involving a hover board, a kind of self-balancing scooter, in Wyke, on Friday evening.
To minimize my movements, I elected to bring the R-22 to a hover over a marshy area beyond the parking lot, then hover over to a spot to land.