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Used to express a greeting.

[From how do ye, how do you do.]




sentence substitute
chiefly US an informal word for hello
[C16: from the phrase how d'ye do]


(ˈhaʊ di)

interj., n., pl. -dies. Informal. interj.
1. (used as an expression of greeting.)
2. an act or instance of saying “howdy”; a hello.
[1820–30; from the phrase how do ye?]
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Noun1.howdy - an expression of greetinghowdy - an expression of greeting; "every morning they exchanged polite hellos"
greeting, salutation - (usually plural) an acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting)


[ˈhaʊdɪ] EXCL (US) → ¡hola!


[ˈhaʊdi] excl (US)salut!


interj (US inf) → Tag (inf)


[ˈhaʊdɪ] excl (Am) → salve!
References in classic literature ?
"Howdy, gentlemen, howdy," he remarked, ignoring the unnatural calm with which they greeted his entrance.
WE tramped along behind Jim and Lem till we come to the back stile where old Jim's cabin was that he was captivated in, the time we set him free, and here come the dogs piling around us to say howdy, and there was the lights of the house, too; so we warn't afeard any more, and was going to climb over, but Tom says:
"Good morning, Doctor Masters," Emory greeted the professional one, and, to the others: "Howdy, Sergeant;" "Hello, Tim;" "Hello, Johnson--when did they shift you off the Chinatown squad?"
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Told a US colonel will greet him by saying: "Howdy partner, put it there", Mainwaring asks disdainfully: "Put what where?" (My British Buddy, 1973)
The event titled 'Howdy, Modi!' is being hosted by the Texas India Forum.
A Western themed American diner named 'Howdy' is planned for the mothballed White Horse pub at Leeds Road, Deighton.
Say 'howdy' to Texas Roadhouse's newest party packages that will ramp up appetites of urban cowboys (and cowgirls!) Choose from four adult packages perfect for birthdays, company get-togethers, meetings, baptisms and other social and corporate parties and events and enjoy different dishes-from salads to mains.
In the 1950s a popular TV show "Its Howdy Doody Time" featured a ventriloquist and his puppet Howdy Doody.
XOXOCO is known for ( Howdy , the first commercially available bot add-on developed for Slack.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 17, 2018-John Eagle Dealerships Acquires Howdy Honda in Texas, USA
"We say 'howdy,' which is how everyone at Texas A&M greets each other," Azaza said.