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Used to express a greeting.

[From how do ye, how do you do.]




sentence substitute
chiefly US an informal word for hello
[C16: from the phrase how d'ye do]


(ˈhaʊ di)

interj., n., pl. -dies. Informal. interj.
1. (used as an expression of greeting.)
2. an act or instance of saying “howdy”; a hello.
[1820–30; from the phrase how do ye?]
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Noun1.howdy - an expression of greetinghowdy - an expression of greeting; "every morning they exchanged polite hellos"
greeting, salutation - (usually plural) an acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting)


[ˈhaʊdɪ] EXCL (US) → ¡hola!


[ˈhaʊdi] excl (US)salut!


interj (US inf) → Tag (inf)


[ˈhaʊdɪ] excl (Am) → salve!
References in classic literature ?
WE tramped along behind Jim and Lem till we come to the back stile where old Jim's cabin was that he was captivated in, the time we set him free, and here come the dogs piling around us to say howdy, and there was the lights of the house, too; so we warn't afeard any more, and was going to climb over, but Tom says:
Howdy, gentlemen, howdy," he remarked, ignoring the unnatural calm with which they greeted his entrance.
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The quartet is composed of well-known area roots musicians Paula Bradley (Girl Howdy, Uncle Earl) on piano, ukulele and vocals; Peter "Dr.
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a big howdy and some photos from Arkansas and Louisiana, and other miscellaneous shit.
When Russell Cooper moves next door to Joey Banks they become fast friends and sometimes Rusty has to "swear to howdy," in order to keep a secret sealed for life.
Howdy, pardners Kate Leadbetter and volunteers ready for the Kirkwood Hospice hoedown
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