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A high-spirited, boisterous, or saucy girl.
High-spirited; boisterous.

[From earlier hoyden, a rude youth, probably from Dutch heiden, heathen, boor, from Middle Dutch; see kaito- in Indo-European roots.]

hoy′den·ish adj.


(ˈhɔɪdən) or


a wild boisterous girl; tomboy
[C16: perhaps from Middle Dutch heidijn heathen]
ˈhoydenish, ˈhoidenish adj
ˈhoydenishness, ˈhoidenishness n


(ˈhɔɪd n)

a boisterous, bold, and carefree girl; tomboy.
[1585–95; perhaps < Middle Dutch heyden boor, heathen]
hoy′den•ish, adj.


- Can be applied to rude, ignorant people.
See also related terms for rude.
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Noun1.hoyden - a girl who behaves in a boyish mannerhoyden - a girl who behaves in a boyish manner
fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman - a young woman; "a young lady of 18"


(o.f.) [ˈhɔɪdn] Nmarimacho m


nwilde Range (dated), → Wildfang m (dated)
References in classic literature ?
Miss Matilda, a strapping hoyden of about fourteen, with a short frock and trousers, shrugged her shoulders and made a slight grimace, but took a candle and proceeded before me up the back stairs (a long, steep, double flight), and through a long, narrow passage, to a small but tolerably comfortable room.
Miss Matilda Murray was a veritable hoyden, of whom little need be said.
Jessie, who had been a pretty hoyden years ago herself.
Mary was a little hoyden, and Fred at six years old thought her the nicest girl in the world making her his wife with a brass ring which he had cut from an umbrella.
But at first I was just an overgrown hoyden, and joined Sasha in playing the fool.
This is a rather shocking development in the novel as Moore seemed to be in his prime, having just successfully converted a sick child who had recently been paralyzed, turning her from the unreligious hoyden she was known to be, into the purest, patient, and kindest of young women.
Christopher Sontchi, Shmuel Vasser, Jay Westbrook and Jennifer Hoyden on earlier drafts.
A country hoyden (Jenny Rainsford wearing pink hair) turns up looking for a bloke and shrieks with un-ladylike joy when her skirts are rumpled, and so the madness and mayhem goes on, with everybody tittle-tattling, screaming for things that cannot be achieved, and apparently distributing their sexual favours with a liberality which drew condemnation for the theatre in general and Congreve in particular from the Protestan-biased middle-class.
Hopkins not only reassured mothers that these activities would not make their daughters masculine--"don't be afraid it will make a hoyden out of her"--but would in fact strengthen their femininity: "You will find her far more susceptible to refining influences, her temper will be far sweeter, and she will be an altogether more lovable member of the family circle" ("Bicycling for Girls" 143).
Among her varied and variable personae was a sexually aggressive New World hoyden.
She is everything, a gorgeous, tiny hoyden, like a vintage carhop shot through the Paradise Garage on her way to MOMA.
There are plenty of sluts, tramps, and whores around now, but how many hoyden minxes?