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A high-spirited, boisterous, or saucy girl.
High-spirited; boisterous.

[From earlier hoyden, a rude youth, probably from Dutch heiden, heathen, boor, from Middle Dutch; see kaito- in Indo-European roots.]

hoy′den·ish adj.
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Adj.1.hoydenish - used of girlshoydenish - used of girls; wild and boisterous  
unwomanly - not womanly; "the logical clearness of her arguments...condemned her as eccentric and unwomanly"


adjrangenhaft (dated), → wild, ungestüm
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This junior biography has a place in our cultural history in that it traces in simple terms the development of a hoydenish young girl into not only an Australian icon but a world-famous diva.
It seems a natural leap from Lu's hoydenish pose and the soldier boy's straggly laces to the series "A Study of Perspective," 1995-2003, in which Ai's middle finger splits the distance between the lens and seats of political and cultural authority from around the globe.
Even in historical novels for young adult readers, authors such as Maxine Trottier placate US sensibilities with over-modem, hoydenish heroines, cliches about women's lives in eighteenth-century Britain being uniformly 'stifling', and pro-Rebel rhetoric.