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(ˈhrʌvnə) ,




(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Ukraine, divided into 100 kopiykas
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The new service will allow all hryvna contributions from participants to be invested exclusively in foreign currency instruments.
In 2000, Tymoshenko's government provided an additional 18 billion Hryvna for social payments.
Hryvna Depreciation Benefits: Fitch believes that Metinvest's financial profile should remain largely stable over 2018-2020, benefiting from a recovery in steel market conditions since 2Q16, and assuming no further operational disruptions.
State authorities allocated 1.7 million hryvna ($61,330) for the implementation of the national action plan over the next four years--47 percent above what is called for in the plan.
Starting straight after the beginning of the Revolution in 2014 the purchasing power of Ukrainian Hryvna (UAH) was dropping gradually, firstly with the rate of almost 25% in 2014, after that the situation became even worse, the highest reduction in the power of currency was equal to 43.3% in 2015.
value of the country's currency, the hryvna, dropped to a record
Kyiv, Ukraine, February 22, 2015 --( The 51.2 growth is partially due to Ukrainian Hryvna depreciation; Miratech estimates the effective business growth rate to be 20.4 percent.
Kiev, Rabi'II 27, 1436, February 16, 2015, SPA -- Ukraine's national currency, the hryvna, plunged to new lows Monday, amid mounting uncertainty about the country's shaky finances, local media reported.
material devaluation of the hryvna (around 37% since year-end 2013)
Recently the government has given up its peg of its currency (the Ukrainian Hryvna) to the USD and it has weakened materially.
Next week, Crimea will officially introduce the ruble as a second official currency along with Ukrainian hryvna, Sergei Aksyonov said.