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(ˈhrʌvnə) ,




(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Ukraine, divided into 100 kopiykas
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Thus, for each million of card debit operations illegal transactions accounted for 77 hryvnias, while in 2016 the respective amount was around 110 hryvnias.
The average wage in Ukraine under the current conditions should make up at least 10 thousand hryvnias, and this figure is shaped due to the growth of the economy and deshadowing of economy.
The apex bank, which was earlier expected to launch its own cryptocurrency, is said to be mulling the possibility of introducing blockchain-based electronic hryvnias instead.
The head of Ukraine's competition authority said on Friday that the watchdog had decided to fine Russian gas company Gazprom 85 billion hryvnias ($3.
The ransom message is written in Russian and the payment is demanded in Ukrainian hryvnias.
The hryvnias are running out' At UniCredit Bank in Simferopol, one manager said: "People are closing their savings accounts and trying to get all their money out.
Naftogas said in a statement that its largest customers owed it almost 27 billion hryvnias ($3.
But not half as far as his lad's wages would stretch if he earned a move to the Premiership, given that even a 'modest' pounds 20,000 per week wage would be an impressive 192,436 hryvnias for his old man to play with.
Total profit was equal to ten experimental hryvnias.
The effect of reducing corruption only due to this step is estimated at billions of hryvnias.
VI), Andriy Rozhok, said, 'All banks will make concessions to their clients by extending credit terms as they are able Perhaps, they will try to switch some loans into hryvnias, however, I don't see the mechanism for switching [the loans of] the mass market of individuals into hryvnias.