hub-and-spoke system

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Noun1.hub-and-spoke system - a system of air transportation in which local airports offer air transportation to a central airport where long-distance flights are available
air transportation system - a transportation system for moving passengers or goods by air
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'We're moving away from the traditional, outdated hub-and-spoke system where, in a lot of situations, we had to go east to go west,' he said.
Interferry Boats operated a hub-and-spoke system with a hub in Muizen [Belgium]).
The solution was the development and implementation of a hub-and-spoke system to provide more timely receipt of parts and materials by units and reduce losses caused by misshipments.
They compare global free trade, bilateral FTA and a hub-and-spoke system, showing that moving from a hub-and-spoke system to global free trade increases the welfare gains for spokes.
To complement this capability, a hub-and-spoke system has been established to re-fly just-delivered cargo to smaller airstrips; there C-130 aircraft can supply locations where the largest concentration of military forces are assigned.
His client had obtained a patent covering software to operate a mutual fund "hub-and-spoke system," but the bank claimed that the patent wasn't valid.