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1. An uproar; a hubbub.
2. See hookah.

[Reduplication and alteration of bubble.]
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1. (Brewing) another name for hookah
2. hubbub; turmoil
3. a bubbling or gargling sound
[C17: rhyming jingle based on bubble]
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1. hookah.
2. an uproar; turmoil.
[1625–35; rhyming compound based on bubble]
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Noun1.hubble-bubble - an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through waterhubble-bubble - an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water; "a bipolar world with the hookah and Turkish coffee versus hamburgers and Coca Cola"
pipe, tobacco pipe - a tube with a small bowl at one end; used for smoking tobacco
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(Brit: = pipe) → Wasserpfeife f
(= noise)Brodeln nt
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The apple-cinnamon hubble-bubble left a wonderful after taste.
One of the main reason behind cancer was smoking, however Hubble-Bubble (Huqqa), Betal, Gutka etc were also causing cancer.
A medical expert Dr Munawar Aslam talking to private news channel said, smoking a hookah also known as a water pipe, shisha, narghile or hubble-bubble comes with multiple health risks.
Alcohol drinking, current cigarette or hubble-bubble (water pipes, shisha, nargile, and hookah have similar structures in which the smoke passes through water, causing a bubbling sound) smoking, and physical activity status were assessed by frequency questionnaire.
The prohibition applies to cigarettes, roll-ups, e-cigarettes and hubble-bubble.
Levels of maximum end-expiratory carbon monoxide and certain cardiovascular parameters following hubble-bubble smoking.
Faisal Ali Al-Mutawaa, the society chairman, said in a statement on Saturday, on the forecast occasion, World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, falling on March 24, that hubble-bubble smoking is increasing among the youth and warned that this practice is one of the main causes of cardiac diseases.
The official also said that there has been an increase in the number of youth who smoke shisha (hubble-bubble) and some more have got into the habit of chewing tobacco.
The 25-article draft law, proscribing the use of cigarette, snuff and hubble-bubble (hookah) was presented by the government to the assembly a month ago.
Manama: Municipal authorities have shut down 11 restaurants and coffee shops in Saudi Arabia's Jeddah province city of Abhar for serving shisha (hubble-bubble)in closed areas.
Hubble-bubble (water pipe) smoking: levels of nicotine and cotinine in plasma, saliva and urine.
Smokers of the hubble-bubble water pipe have until Saturday to indulge their fondness for sweet flavoured tobacco in Jeddah's cafes as the Saudi city prepares to enforce a public ban on the habit.