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A coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric used especially for toweling.

[Origin unknown.]


(Textiles) a coarse absorbent linen or cotton fabric used for towels and informal shirts, etc. Also called: huck
[C17: of unknown origin]


(ˈhʌk əˌbæk)

toweling of linen or cotton, commonly woven in a bird's-eye or honeycomb pattern. Also called huck.
[1680–90; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.huckaback - toweling consisting of coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric
toweling, towelling - any of various fabrics (linen or cotton) used to make towels
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John Richardson of Newcastle to his dear cousin Jemmy Cole, in London, with an account that he sent by such a vessel (for I remembered all the particulars to a title), so many pieces of huckaback linen, so many ells of Dutch holland and the like, in a box, and a hamper of flint glasses from Mr.
Tenders are invited for White Cotton Huckaback Towel Of Size 100Cm X 50Cm As Per Is 854/91 Table 3 Variety No.
Strait-laced Kenneth Horne manfully leads his audience through encounters with Daphne Whytethigh, Rambling Syd Rumpo, Dame Celia Molestrangler and BinKie HUCKABACK, and that trail BREAKING duo Julian and Sandy.
Occupying the site later to be the Friends School, Hesleton's employed many weavers of linen, huckaback and sailcloth.
And the same goes for those faded thespians Dame Celia Molestrangler and Binkie Huckaback.