huddle together

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Verb1.huddle together - crowd or draw together; "let's huddle together--it's cold!"
cluster, constellate, flock, clump - come together as in a cluster or flock; "The poets constellate in this town every summer"

w>huddle together

visich aneinanderkauern; to be huddled togetheraneinanderkauern
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19) and as temperatures are set to plunge in Taipei to 12 degrees Celsius tonight, Taiwan macaques huddle together to stay warm.
The Emley players huddle together ahead of kick-off and in the shadow of the iconic tower MARK PARSONS Millions of people can see the 1,084-foot symbol of Yorkshire from where they live, work and travel, but very few ever get to see the unparalleled view from the tower - including the sight of AFC Emley's own ground in the village.
All MPAs should huddle together for making a policy to cope with this problem, he added.
We've all seen teams huddle together at the start of matches in a display of commitment and concentration, with players urging each other on to do the best they can.
Washington, November 17 ( ANI ): Self-centeredness is good for penguins that huddle together to avoid Antarctica's icy weather.
The men huddle together for warmth but the local wildlife quickly encroaches on the crash site, attacking one of the men.
GRIM Some of the dogs rescued by the ISPCA and now in their care FRIGHTENED Recovered dogs huddle together, unused to human contact RUFF TREATMENT Some of the puppies rescued by the ISPCA in Tipperary
UNDER FIRE Blooded Kyrgyz police officers huddle together for protection, as they are attacked by protestors in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
As the rain falls we see various scenes of people huddling together--the birds huddle together too.
Kind: Marc Knowles, Nathan Debney, aged nine, and Paul Debney, huddle together for warmth at the City Mission sleepout.
Do they huddle together for support, constantly fearful of the light of day?
It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people - staff, visitors and patients - who huddle together for a blether and a cigarette.