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A fit of anger or annoyance; a pique: stormed off in a huff.
v. huffed, huff·ing, huffs
1. To puff; blow.
2. To make noisy, empty threats; bluster.
3. To react indignantly; take offense.
4. Slang To inhale the fumes of a volatile chemical or substance as a means of becoming intoxicated.
1. To cause to puff up; inflate.
2. To treat with insolence; bully.
3. To anger; annoy.
4. Slang To inhale the fumes of (a volatile chemical, for example) as a means of becoming intoxicated.

[Imitative of the sound of puffing.]

huff′er n.
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[hʌft] ADJenojado
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References in classic literature ?
But, as Felicity told us, it was necessary to visit Cousin Mattie at least once a year, or else she would be "huffed," so we concluded we might as well go and have it over.
I was frighted out of my wits almost, and knew not what to do, for I was, as it were, turned out of doors to the wide world, and that which was still worse, the old honest woman had two-and- twenty shillings of mine in her hand, which was all the estate the little gentlewoman had in the world; and when I asked the daughter for it, she huffed me and laughed at me, and told me she had nothing to do with it.
This, or else what I had said, huffed my Hermann, He supposed, with a contemptuous toss of his head towards the door which trembled yet, that I had got hold of some of that man's silly tales.