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She did not like being reproached, and, retiring huffily into a haughty silence, she sat by listlessly while Philip made the preparations for their departure.
I could not, of course, find out so much about it, for I am a stranger in Petersburg myself," Pyotr Petrovitch replied huffily.
He capitulated completely in the tie-break, allowing Murray to rattle off the first six points before huffily lumping a forehand long over the baseline.
Critics complain huffily that it doesn't have the strongest plot, and some of the acting is overblown, but in terms of where it counts, it has been a hit, putting bottoms on theatre seats.
Some huffily told us to hang up our prognosticating cap, because we didn't get the winning AlDub song on Eat Bulaga right.
Such complexities are planted in the early going, yet peter out in the film's Huffily padded second half, which is concerned mostly with Jenkins' inflated presence as a performer--yielding repeated scenes of Streep in full, gloriously broken cry, but doing little to unpick what makes her tick so brazenly out of time.
When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney dared to confront Obama during the second presidential debate for his administration's mischaracterization of the Benghazi attacks, the president huffily took offense.
I most certainly am NOT," I replied huffily (I was driving the Byreman so I'd only drunk two halves).
When I point out to this unfortunate that despite not currently sporting glasses, he should probably invest in a milkbottle industrial strength pair favoured by the likes of Joe 90, he huffily replies, 'you may have won the egg-chucking, but the Irish won't win the Grand National'.
Anne huffily announced she would sticK to "Mrs Blair".
Four elegantly dressed local ladies engaged in an altercation with Helene, who was taking tickets, then filed huffily toward the back.