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A fit of anger or annoyance; a pique: stormed off in a huff.
v. huffed, huff·ing, huffs
1. To puff; blow.
2. To make noisy, empty threats; bluster.
3. To react indignantly; take offense.
4. Slang To inhale the fumes of a volatile chemical or substance as a means of becoming intoxicated.
1. To cause to puff up; inflate.
2. To treat with insolence; bully.
3. To anger; annoy.
4. Slang To inhale the fumes of (a volatile chemical, for example) as a means of becoming intoxicated.

[Imitative of the sound of puffing.]

huff′er n.


(Recreational Drugs) slang the practice of inhaling toxic fumes from glue and other household products for their intoxicating effects
ˈhuffer n
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Noun1.huffing - an act of forcible exhalationhuffing - an act of forcible exhalation  
breathing out, exhalation, expiration - the act of expelling air from the lungs
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Here, the huffing of Miss Bella and the loss of three of her men at a swoop, aggravated by the coronation of an opponent, led to that young lady's jerking the draught-board and pieces off the table: which her sister went down on her knees to pick up.
After much huffing and puffing about the bus service and a public meeting (where at least one of the three operators were sufficiently impressed by our Lib-Dem councillors that they bothered to turn up) nothing has or will happen.
Together, the data shows that an estimated 1,000,000 adolescents used inhalants in the past year, even though huffing these common household substances can be fatal, reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Washington, D.C.