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v. hugged, hug·ging, hugs
1. To clasp or hold closely, especially in the arms, as in affection; embrace.
2. To hold steadfastly to; cherish: He still hugs his outmoded beliefs.
3. To stay close to: a sailboat hugging the shore.
To embrace or cling together closely.
1. A close, affectionate embrace.
2. A crushing embrace, as in wrestling.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse hugga, to comfort.]

hug′ga·ble adj.
hug′ger n.
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Noun1.hugger - a person who hugs
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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ClickPress, Wed Jan 10 2018] 3M won a major victory this week in the ongoing legal battle that has seen numerous lawsuits already dismissed based on lack of evidence that the company's forced air warming system, the Bair Hugger , causes post surgical infections.
I'm a tree hugger lol Tasnim Hunt Cut my trees any time.
questions regarding the prequalification application procedure should be directed to diedrie hugger at 773/695-3551 or dhugger@gilbaneco.
Devices such as the Bair Hugger System, manufactured by 3M, are commonplace in hospitals, employed on a daily basis to aid in vital patient temperature management.
These work best when you have half a lemon left, any more - or less - and the hugger doesn't attach quite as well.
Police have now stepped up street patrols in a bid to catch the hugger muggers who operate in the streets around Sheffield University and the city centre.
Well, it may be hard to believe, but for about three weeks way back in 1933, someone called "The Mad Hugger," was victimizing the citizens of Clinton.
On Saturday, October 17, celebrations of the first National Tree Hugger Day took place across the country, bringing out dedicated tree huggers from coast to coast.
I have zips on my trousers pockets to prevent any hugger from helping himself to my wallet.
I am no tree hugger, but these photos make me sick.
With their Tee Hugger line, they're promoting a line of T-shirts ($25) with an eco-conscience without giving up the humor.
National Scrapbooking Association co-founder Veronica Hugger attributes the increasing appeal of craft, especially scrapbooking, to the events of 9-11, which she said inspired people to focus on preserving memories in a more visually creative way.