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 (ho͞o′lə) also hu·la-hu·la (ho͞o′lə-ho͞o′lə)
A Polynesian dance that in traditional form dramatizes a song or chant, especially through arm movements and hand gestures.



(ˈhuːlə) or


(Dancing) a Hawaiian dance performed by a woman
[from Hawaiian]


(ˈhu lə)

n., pl. -las.
a sinuous Hawaiian native dance with intricate arm movements that tell a story in pantomime, usu. danced to rhythmic drumming and accompanied by chanting. Also called hu′la-hu′la.
[1815–25; < Hawaiian]


An essential feature of Hawaian culture, the hula is accompanied by chanting and the actual style of each performance is determined by the chant. originating in the 1970s, in which two partners perform elaborate stylized turns.
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Noun1.hula - a Polynesian rain dance performed by a womanhula - a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman
rain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rain


nHula(-Hula) m or f; to do the hula(-hula)Hula(-Hula) tanzen
References in classic literature ?
The hulk of an ancient wreck burned with blue fires, in the light of which danced the HULA dancers to the barbaric love-calls of the singers, who chanted to tinkling UKULELES and rumbling tom-toms.
And when she strummed the guitar and sang liquid, velvety Hawaiian hulas, he sat entranced.
Saxon was genuinely shocked when some of them, even the more matronly, danced hulas on the sand.
In a four-part hula hoop video, she was dancing to the tune of Hula Hoop Remix by OMI feat.
Hula Girl has a strong link with the Pacific islands countries as their performance is much inspired by Polynesian dances and it is expected that this appointment will contribute to stimulating interests of the Japanese people toward the PALM and the Pacific islands countries.
NYSE: GPX) has agreed to acquire certain assets and the business of Texas, US-based human capital management implementation services company Hula Partners, the company said.
The people behind hula fever were the wonderfullynamed Wham-O company of America, who have their own peculiar place in the history of unusual toys, games and nuclear warfare: Frisbees, Superballs, and DIY atom bomb shelters were just a few of the things unleashed by Wham-O on an unworthy world.
She started by bringing Hula hoops to the morning employee meeting and seeing who could keep the hoop going the longest.
We are so excited to announce ourselves to the public," said Hula Health's director of operations Mark Pay.
In the past 12 months, Huawei has more than doubled its channel partners in the US, and Hula, Aspire and Nitech are great additions to our growing channel program," said Jun Xu, Vice President of Technical Solutions & Marketing at Huawei Enterprise USA.
At the clam bake, one of the male guests wearing a cowboy hat starts to show off his hula hoop skills and catches the group's attention.
I'm lucky, that hula hoop could have saved my life' as an