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 (ho͞o′lə) also hu·la-hu·la (ho͞o′lə-ho͞o′lə)
A Polynesian dance that in traditional form dramatizes a song or chant, especially through arm movements and hand gestures.

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Noun1.hula-hula - a Polynesian rain dance performed by a womanhula-hula - a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman
rain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rain
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By the time the rain stopped, Hula-Hula and Fire Dancers were entertaining the highly energized and more or less intoxicated guests.
1 item (about the rumored wedding of Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz) in the Wide-Awake portion of Funfare's 2018 Halo-Halong Hula-Hula elicited a lot of reaction from all over, among them somebody who is privy to the sweethearts' plans for the year.
And Deep Sea Jiving sees the ukulele strumming Captain Horatio Crumbucket tackling some tricky Hawaiian melodies while a giant deep-sea diver dances the hula-hula. Check them out on the Lakeside at 1.30pm, 3.30pm, and 5.30pm.
It's guesswork or "hula-hula" that won't pass scrutiny in a court of law," he stressed.
The stunning models pulled on their best hula-hula skirts to ensure everyone at the new Havana Nightclub instantly forgot about the Winter blues.
A She Wears Red Feathers - sometimes called She Wears Red Feathers And A Hula-Hula Skirt after the opening lines - was written by Bob Merrill in 1952.
Serving delicious home-made cream teas with champagne, it has a fun hula-hula '50s vibe with menus decorated with glamour girls and bathers in all their long and striped bathing suited glory.