human death

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Noun1.human death - a death resulting from an accident or a disasterhuman death - a death resulting from an accident or a disaster; "a decrease in the number of automobile fatalities"
death, decease, expiry - the event of dying or departure from life; "her death came as a terrible shock"; "upon your decease the capital will pass to your grandchildren"
killing, violent death - an event that causes someone to die
fatal accident, casualty - an accident that causes someone to die
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In January this year, as many as 79 people have died from H7N9 in China bringing the total human death toll from the H7N9 strain to 100 since October last year.
Del Rosario said that every LGU must do its part in this program as rabies infection results to human death, pointing out that the provincial government is committed to assist the towns and city in the rabies control program.
On the recent Maoist massacre in Chhattisgarh, he said " deaths are deaths, any human death is tragic", a line which might be picked up by the Congress in the context of the 2002 riots.
He said: "I know that there are those who feel that showing a human death on television is wrong, whatever the circumstances.
Personal human death occurs when the organism is irreversibly incapable of functioning as a whole.
Singer, founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, concludes that since global warming would raise maximum summer temperatures modestly while raising winter minimum temperatures significantly, it "should help reduce human death rates.
He who took on human life and died a tortured human death before rising to glory, he whose Spirit dwells within us, must now not be named in public.
Recent disasters including tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and volcanoes are highly publicised because of the massive human death toll.
The human death toll from the disease in China is 20 from 30 confirmed infections since avian flu reemerged in late 2003.
Bird flu kills 16-year-old boy, human death toll in Indonesia at 104
Sanborn focuses on a single animal and work by McCarthy for most of these interlinked essays, including swine as harbingers of human death in Outer Dark, bovines as levity in Child of God and horses as warriors in All the Pretty Horses.
Egyptian authorities have reported their country's first human death from avian influenza--which, if confirmed, would mark Africa's first human fatality from the disease.

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