human palaeontology

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Noun1.human palaeontology - the scientific study of human fossilshuman palaeontology - the scientific study of human fossils
vertebrate paleontology - the paleontology of vertebrates
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hereinafter referred to as "the museum" or "the mnhn") located: - the jardin des plantes site, 57 rue cuvier 75005 paris, - buffon-poliveau islet, 43 rue buffon 75005 paris, - the institute of human palaeontology, 1 rue ren panhard 75013 paris.
Patrick Vignaud, director of Poitier University's Institute of Palaeo-primatology and Human Palaeontology, said that the cats were as big as modern lions.
In human palaeontology the application of fundamental morphological comparison is still commonplace.

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