human resources department

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hu′man resourc′es depart`ment

a department of an organization supervising matters of personnel.
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Dubai Culture's Human Resources Department will select the students and assign them to one of the Authority's departments, and supervisors will then support the students by directing and monitoring their performance.
Additional Secretary Labour and Human Resources Department Sindh.
About ten days after the interview, having heard nothing at all from the university, he telephoned the Human Resources Department but was unable to speak to a human being.
Question: Jenny comes to the Human Resources Department to fill out a family leave request for her prenatal appointments (in 2-hour blocks) for the next eight months.
How do you wear itKATIE Murray, 26, works in a human resources department and is from Crosby.
Her duties will be folded into the Human Resources department.
Implement a litigation-response team--comprised of outside counsel, corporate counsel, human resources department, business line managers and IT staff --that can quickly alter any document destruction policy.
While most large companies likely have a well-trained human resources department in place, the CPA can add another pair of eyes to monitor the existing system for any potential red flags.

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