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at 10 ("[A] human shield who voluntarily attempts to protect these systems by his presence is attempting to help these systems harm the enemy.
The London-based Amnesty International accused Israel forces of war crimes, including using children as human shield and launching wanton attacks against civilians during its 22- day offensive in Gaza
This is another human shield example that "demonstrates the complete disregard of the soldiers for the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.
The T-shirt allegations were followed Monday by a UN report in Geneva accusing Israeli soldiers of a number of human rights abuses in the Gaza conflict, including using an 11-year-old Palestinian boy as a human shield.
A WOMAN taken hostage as a human shield by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during the first Gulf War planned to kill herself to escape her ordeal.
AN anti-war group has recruited its 10,000th volunteer to act as a human shield if US soldiers invade Iran.
As an example, one human shield, an engineer, spent months sleeping on a swing but the Foreign Office has given him 30 days to return an overpayment of pounds 1,383.
Meanwhile, after the puppet authorities turned down the recommendation of the Commission to compensate human shield victim, Farooq Dar, the rights body has decided to hand over the case to the High Court of the territory.
The suspect used his wife as a human shield by hiding behind her as he fired shots,' Cariaga said in a phone interview.
IT has been some nine months since Farooq Ahmed Dar was used as a human shield by the Indian Army.
10 Lakh to Farooq Ahmad Dar, who was used as a human shield by Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi earlier this year.
He also spoke out against major Gogoi's decision to use Farooq Dar as a human shield.