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1. A member of the primate genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other apes by a large brain and the capacity for speech.
2. A person: the extraordinary humans who explored Antarctica.
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of humans: the course of human events; the human race.
2. Having or showing those positive aspects of nature and character regarded as distinguishing humans from other animals: an act of human kindness.
3. Subject to or indicative of the weaknesses, imperfections, and fragility associated with humans: a mistake that shows he's only human; human frailty.
4. Having the form of a human.
5. Made up of humans: formed a human bridge across the ice.

[Middle English humain, from Old French, from Latin hūmānus; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]

hu′man·hood′ n.
hu′man·ness n.
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the state or character of being human
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I don't think that process ever stops - at least I hope it doesn't!" As a composer, Xhosa has worked with Birmingham dance company Humanhood on its work Zero, which formed part of Sadler's Wells showcase Dance: Sampled.
Sharing the stage at today's event was an exciting line-up of regional performers, including Afro-fusion dance group ACE Dance and Music, Humanhood, MDK Crew B-Boys, Birmingham MC P-Shand, Bollywood dancers from Shiamak Company, award-winning vocal group Sons of Pitches and teen singer Kellimarie, from Coventry.
Although reluctant to single out particular shows, he says eventually: "I'm really excited that it's such a big programme and I'm very excited by Humanhood (Their show, Zero, is at Dance City on April 28).
In his absolute refusal to condemn his persecutors, Levi manages to expand the memory of the Shoah out from that of simple trauma into a philosophical inquiry with regard to the bounds of humanhood. And thus, one comes to two of the most powerful lines of Levi's Shema, and the source of Se questo e un uomo's title: "Considerate se questo e un uomo" and "Considerate se questa e una donna" (7).
But I can't say I slept better or longer than usual, And the activation track, which I listened to immediately after I woke up, didn't do a thing, It still took my daily cup of coffee to jolt me into a state of functional humanhood, (I think my husband was hoping it would magically make me into a morning person, but no dice.)
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