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Noun1.humanisation - the act of making more human
improvement - the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property"
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Feminism to me is the fight to attain full humanisation of the female person.
He added: "We have established Fusion as a one-stop shop for antibody engineering and humanisation, and cell line development for the world's largest developers of antibody-based therapeutics drugs and diagnostics.
Contract notice:Public works contracts in the framework of the humanisation of the ehpad of the 5 souston ponds
Under earlier agreements with UCL, Abzena conducted the antibody humanisation and developed the manufacturing cell line for Magacizumab.
MIGS specialises in humanisation and the production of antibody and antibody-like molecules that support preclinical studies with microgramme to gram quantities of protein.
USPRwire, Wed Oct 14 2015] Premiumisation and humanisation were the two key trends in cat food in 2014, and are likely to remain relevant in 2015.
This was underpinned by a strong pet humanisation trend which continued to benefit dog food with strong growths of 5% and 9% in volume and current value respectively.
Consumers are expected to increasingly prefer cats and dogs due to the humanisation trend and the fact that such animals are increasingly considered as part of the family.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Secretary of State for Sustainable Development Mounir Medjoub underlined the importance of humanisation of development and integration of ecological aspect in its policies.
Up to 150 leading regional and international experts from both the public and private sector are attending this week's second Humanisation of Cities of Tomorrow Summit.
This was fuelled further with the announcement that, for the second year running, Qatar's Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning is endorsing the Humanisation of Cities of Tomorrow Summit.