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tr.v. hu·man·ized, hu·man·iz·ing, hu·man·iz·es
1. To portray or endow with human characteristics or attributes; make human: humanized the puppets with great skill.
2. To imbue with humaneness or human kindness; civilize: acts of courtesy that humanize life in a big city.
a. To modify (a nonhuman compound, cell, organ, or organism) such that some of its components are replaced with human forms of those components, usually by means of genetic engineering.
b. To replace most of the variable region of (a monoclonal antibody from a nonhuman source) with a human sequence of amino acids so that the resulting antibody is more compatible with the human immune system.

hu′man·i·za′tion (-mə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
hu′man·iz′er n.
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He exerted himself, during his sojourn among this simple and well-disposed people, to inculcate, as far as he was able, the gentle and humanizing precepts of the Christian faith, and to make them acquainted with the leading points of its history; and it speaks highly for the purity and benignity of his heart, that he derived unmixed happiness from the task.
We are breaking all humanizing ties, and making them brute beasts; and, if they get the upper hand, such we shall find them."
So much for the humanizing influence of THE DOMESTIC INSTITUTION!" Admitting this to have been an ex- traordinary case of mental deterioration, it proves at least that the white slave can sink as low in the scale of humanity as the black one.
How humanizing to see the red lighting of the sky beyond the hill, and to hear far away the muffled roar that marks the life of a great city.
Humanizing pets opens doors for many in the pet industry because it stirs different thoughts that lead to the possibility of a new innovative product.
Madinah, Sha'ban 24, 1439, May 10, 2018, SPA -- A number of participants in the First International Conference on Humanizing Cities, being organized by Madinah Development Commission, have stressed the importance of concerted efforts to humanize cities and educate members of the society.
Prince Faisal bin Salman addresses at the first International Conference on Humanizing Cities at Taibah University on Tuesday.
"Humanizing the Education Machine: How to Create Schools That Turn Disengaged Kids Into Inspired Learners" directly addresses this tough issue.
The nurses' tendency to freedom of thought and action could lead them at times to acting independently without consulting the other's position, even when their actions end up affecting them in positive or negative manner: We speak of humanizing as if we had been dehumanized and turned into machines that in front of patients repeat some tasks; we care for human beings and we are humans and the intention of humanizing is trying to say let's react because we are not giving patients visibility.
Lukas' suggestion about humanizing police is interesting, but that police already do the best they can to do that through community policing.